Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blatherings From a Heavy Metal Hairy Armpits Virgin

Stankzine Special Hottest Men In Metal Minizine!

There is a reason Revolver's "Hottest Chicks in Metal" issue was not called the "Most Talented Female Musicians" issue. Check out Stankzine's table-turning experiment. (Does not make fun of metal. Makes fun of metal magazines.)

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Stankzine #7: China Immersion.

Being ornery all over creation!

My trip to Beijing, Xi'an, Dalian & Shanghai.

I’ve eaten corn every day so far. It’s been a different way each time.

In my mind, every Chinese person is saying “she needs to buy a bra” or “American girls must not shave their legs.”

“Elephants living next to a road mimicked the sounds of the road”

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Prophylactic Assault: My Experience with Pansy Division

My Life's #1 Source of Guilt

Chinese Amusement Parks

"Possession and Desire Are Mutually Exclusive."

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Things Overheard at the East Coast Rocklahoma

Concert Photography: Keel, Steel Panther, & Jetboy

I Didn't Know Chicks Could Play Like That: The All-Girl Led Zeppelin Tribute Lez Zeppelin

Bouncing Souls Fans May Spot Themselves

All My Friends Work in a Cigarette Store

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Why I Shouldn't Date Alcoholics

Smuggling Sex Toys into Iggy Pop

Heavy Metal Quotes & On-Stage Banter

Oral Sex Nosebleed

Concert Photography: Jerry Only, Anvil, Dee Snider

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Smut for Smut's Sake

You May Be Interested: Facts About Parasites

Don't-Do-It-Yourself Dildo Sanitation

(Or: The Most Embarrassing Thing I've Ever Done)

Crushes on Boys

Old-Ass Poem About the Yangtze River

Bad English Signage: "Drunkard, neuroses, child w/o guardianship not permitted on yacht!"

Still More Rock Photography

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March 2009


Romanticized Violence

"The Girls in Kiss With Their Big Breasts"

Virginity, Guilt, and Bondage

Duality of the Self: "I am the Whore and the Holy One"

Jani Lane Self-Destructs in a Honda

Free or Cheap Pap Smears and Breast Exams

How to Woo Women

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February 2009

Andrew WK show review (includes ripped abs stage dive)

How my Vaginal Cyst Resolved my Penis Envy

"The sociopath's behavior is not your fault."

TMI about my sex life

Leggy Drums

"Wrong Numbers & Stolen Photos"

Rock n roll photography

Nails Through Your Penis, Nails In Your Face